• HPMI Advisory Services: HPMI has a full fledged advisory services division to provide the advisory services to Farmers, Entrepreneurs,Corporate, Govt. Agencies.
  • HPMI Exports: HPMI has a export division to promote the export of all the horticulture produce directly or in collaboration with Punjab Markfed, Punjab (Govt. of Punjab), Agri Export Corporation (Govt. of Punjab ), U.P. State Horticulture Marketing Federation and Uttaranchal Seeds Tarai Development Corporation (Govt. of Uttaranchal).
  • HPMI- JV: HPMI has a joint venture with Nepal Govt.’s apex corporation for their commercial operation in UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Doha, UK, Germany and China.
  • Mark Hort. Potatoes India Ltd.: A joint venture with Punjab Markfed, Govt. of Punjab for diversification. Initiatives Taken By HPMI To Commercialize Potatoes In India:
    1. 2000-2001- Addressed the glut situation in Punjab and U.P. and stabilized the prices in three weeks.
    2. 2001-Prepared Techno Economic feasibility report for Govt. of Punjab for Agri-Export Zone for Potatoes in Punjab./li>
    3. 2002-Prepared Techno Economic feasibility report for Govt. of U.P. for Agri-export Zone for Potatoes in Punjab. .
    4. 2001-2007-Organized 73 workshops in Punjab and U.P. on Variety Improvement, Pre-post- harvest management of Potatoes and Export of Potatoes.
    5. 2000-2004- Promoted the CIPC technology in association with UPL for storage.
    6. 2003- Promoted a Joint Venture company with Punjab Markfed to handle commercial activities.
    7. 2003-Signed a MOU with U.P. State Horticulture Marketing Federation Ltd. (UP Govt.) for the export of Potatoes in U.P.
    8. 2004-2005 - Assisted APEDA in breaking the ice for export of seed potatoes from India to Sri Lanka by coordinating the entire procedure and protocol.
    9. 2004 - As a member, APEDA's TASK FORCE committee for infrastructure development.